This section applies to all visitors of this website. By “cookie” we mean cookie modules and similar technologies that collect information automatically.

Cookies are used to offer you a better navigation experience and services, adapted to visitors’ needs: navigation improvement, identify errors that appear while browsing, anonymous statistics about how the website is used, anticipating visitors’ needs.

The types of cookies we use:

Registration cookies
When and if you register on our website, automated cookies are generated, that remember your registration.

Performance cookies
This cookie remembers the preferences of the visitors, so that next time the website is visited, it remembers the settings.

User analysis cookies
These cookies tell us if a certain user has previously visited this website. These cookies are used only for statistics.

Geotargeting cookies
These cookies establish the country from where the user is visiting the website. No matter what language is chosen, advertisements will be displayed.

Advertisement cookies
These cookies tell us if you have previously seen an ad, what type, and for how long. These cookies are anonymous, no data is stored.

In addition, we use third party cookies from our partners. Their cookies comply with the General Data Protection Regulation – you may find additional information on their respective webpages.

The complete third party cookies are listed below:

Name (key)

Usage and purpose

Validity period



Google Analytics cookie that records an unique user ID for statistical purpose

2 years



Google Analytics cookie that records user’s behaviour on our website and the way the wensite is used


By deactivating cookies the website may limit the performance of this website, making it hard to navigate through it.

The visitors may configure their browser to reject or accept the cookies from a certain webpage.

You may change the settings of your browser, in the “Options” or “Preferences” menu.

Find out how to deactivate the cookies of your browser here: Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari.